Orotee Sa

Togrutan Commander


Orotee Sa is in his early 20s. He stands at 5’ 6" tall with a lean build. He has bright orange skin with blue and white stripes on his lekku and montrals. His facial markings are a dark blue, framing his eyes and accenting his cheekbones. His eyes are golden colored.

Career: Commander
Specializations: Tactition

-—-Brawn 1
-—-Agility 2
-—-Intelligence 2
-—-Cunning 3
-—-Willpower 4
-—-Presence 3

Soak Value: 2
Wound Threshold: 11
Strain Threshold: 14
Defense, ranged 0
Defense, melee 0

Trained Skills:
-—Brawl 1
-—Cool 1
-—Discipline 2
-—Knowledge (Warfare) 1
-—Leadership 1
-—Perception 1
-—Ranged (Heavy) 1
-—Vigilance 1

Talents & Special Abilities:
*Outdoorsman 1: remove 1 black die from checks to move through terrain or manage environmental effects. Decrease overland travel times by 50%
*Pack Hunter: When using the assist action, grant 2 blue bonus dice instead of 1
*Side Step 1: once per round on Orotee’s turn, he may perform a Side Step maneuver to side step and try to avoid incoming ranged attacks. He then suffers a number of strain no greater than his ranks in Side Step. Until the start of his next turn, upgrade the difficulty of all ranged combat checks targeting him by the amount of strain suffered

-—A copy of General Airen Cracken’s Rebel Handbook
-—Ration Packs (8)
*Blaster Carbine
*Heavy Clothing
*Scanner Goggles
*Utility Belt
-—Extra reload

Credits: 88


During the height of the Clone Wars the artisan Togruta colony on Kiros was abducted and sold into slavery. The Republic and the Jedi freed them from their plight at the hands of the Zygerrians and taught them something of the value in a martial skill set.

Though still primarily a pacifist community, the Togrutans of Kiros trained in the ways of self-defense under the tutelage of Jedi Master Shimu Takazzi and a trio of his Kyozu brethren.

Master Takazzi would be called away on pressing matters but not before being present for the birth of Orotee Sa. Master Takazzi gave a traditional Kyozo blessing to the newborn and noted that the child would be strong. He vowed to return as soon as possible to continue training the colonists.

Master Takazzi would not make good on that promise. He is presumed dead along with the rest of the Jedi Order.

Orotee Sa grew up under the shadow of the rising Galactic Empire. His Kyozo instructors in the martial arts found him lacking in physicality, though they admired his force of will. Never content to give up, Orotee Sa constantly pushed to better himself. His greatest and quickest improvement was in the use of long range firearms.

His principal focus in the fine arts was in the theater. Orotee Sa excelled at bringing characters from history and legend to life. Whether retelling of revered hunts from the Togrutan homeworld of Shili, or reenactments of daring adventure passed on to the community from the Jedi, Orotee Sa always projected a strong presence and his audience was captivated.

As the long arm of the Empire fell upon the outer rim, rumors brought by traders spoke of subjugation. Alien species being forced into servitude or worse. One of the Kyuzo instructors, Kano Jigora felt his duty lay in stemming this tide of darkness. Orotee Sa felt the same and begged Kano to take him with as an apprentice. Despite Kano’s misgivings, he relented.

Kano and Orotee ran a few raids against Imperial shipping routes and caught the attention of the Rebel Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Kano was given command of a black ops unit operating near Hutt Space.

Orotee Sa was sent to commando training in a secret facility on Bothawui. He graduated with a note in his file that he showed promise as an officer.

His unit was sent on many reconnaissance missions and the occasional raid on small Imperial outposts.

On their most recent mission was a disaster. Alliance Command had received intel on an Imperial mining operation on Ryloth. The team found the mine but the Imperials were waiting for them. Orotee Sa’s entire squad was wiped out. He alone survived thanks to the intervention of Twi’lek resistance forces.

The resistance helped arrange to have Orotee Sa smuggled offworld if he promised to return with the Alliance and help liberate Ryloth from the Imperial regime.

The smuggler dropped Orotee off with the rest of his cargo at the fortress of Temo the Hutt where he met a Sluissi engineer willing to take him on as part of the crew on the engineer’s recently acquired starship.

Orotee Sa

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